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- If you know the difference between navicular and laminitis, AND

- If you know how to tell if your horse has thrush, AND

- If you know the difference between laminitis and founder, AND

- If you know how often a horse's hooves should be trimmed to keep optimal hoof form, AND

- If you know that a navicular diagnosis is not necessarily a death sentence for a horse, AND

​- If you know...........

There is so much to learn about horses' feet - we can only strive to become the best Hoof Geek possible....for our horses' sake!!!!!!!

Take the Hoof IQ test to see how much you think you know!!

You might be a Hoof Geek....
Educate yourself and empower yourself to be in control of the health of your horse's feet!
"From the perspective of the horse's health, the claim that a metal shod hoof is an improvement over the natural structure provided by evolution is an extraordinary one, and as such requires extraordinary proof." ~ William Strawbridge