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1 - What is the best surface for a horse with sore feet to stand on?
       a. Sand
       b. Shavings
       c. Mats
       d. Pea Gravel
Test your Hoof IQ:
2 - How often should a horse's hooves be trimmed for optimal hoof function?
       a. Every 4-5 weeks
       b. Every 6-8 weeks
       c. Every 10-12 weeks

3 - How much of a horse's weight should the hoof wall carry?
       a. 4%
       b. 10%
       c. 50%
       d. 75%
       e. 100%
4 - Which grains are best for a horse's hooves?
       a. Barley
       b. Oats
       c. Corn
       d. None
5 - If a horse shows no sign of lameness, does this mean it is sound?
       a. Yes
       b. No


1. d
2. a
3. a
4. d
5. b