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About Hoof Geeks
We are Francine Labossiere and Christine Tomlin. 

Barefoot hoof care began for 2 Manitoba women out of necessity. A retiring farrier and a four foot founder were the catalysts to seek alternate hoof care. 
It began with a mini hoof care clinic at a local tack store. This lead to a 2-day Learn to Trim Your Horse’s Hooves clinic hosted by Barb Fenwick in St. Andrews Manitoba.

Obsession set in. Talking hooves and looking at hooves 24/7 became the norm for us. Barb brought James and Yvonne Welz from Arizona for a 2-day clinic a year later.

Then we went on to continue learning through Equine Soundness Inc. - which up until 2014 was based out of North Carolina USA, and headed up by Claudia Garner. (Claudia "sold" her company to a professional trimmer in Australia in 2014, therefore any continuing education must be taken in that country now.) Interestingly enough, both James Welz and Claudia Garner studied together with Hildrud Strasser. They each have their own little "tweaks" on trimming methods, but their base philosophies are on the same level. And neither are anywhere as "extreme" as what Dr. Strasser started out as!  The course with Claudia was over 1.5 years in duration, counting internship, case studies, exams, etc. There is also annual continuing education workshops for all Equine Soundness students. All the while, trimming over 100 horses for different clients, many of them founder and navicular rehab cases. 

When not trimming we were researching the equine hoof and its structure to perfect our skills. Now we continue to learn different modalities...most recently about equine dentistry and its effects on feet! How fascinating! We also continue to learn more about alternative remedies for horses in particular, as it has been proven that some of the current drugs can trigger or even cause big problems, such as abcesses, laminitis episodes, etc. 

We are now at the stage where we want to help horse owners take ownership of their horses' overall health by educating them in hoof health, lifestyle, nutrition, which are all involved in a horse being sound and healthy. It is the same as taking charge of your own health...educate yourself so that the so called "professionals" can't pull the wool over your eyes. No ones knows everything about everything...even if they don't admit it!  

It is up to everyone to take responsibility for their own, and their animals' health!!!