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It is our goal to educate and empower the horse owner to do what is right for their equine. No one cares as much for your animal as you do, so it is your responsibility as their guardian to learn as much as you can about their care in an effort to make sure that the people you trust to trim/shoe your horse truly has their best interest in mind.

"From the perspective of the horse's health, the claim that a metal shod hoof is an improvement over the natural structure provided by evolution is an extraordinary one, and as such requires extraordinary proof." ~ William Strawbridge
​Of the 122 million equines found around the world, no more than 10 percent are clinically sound. Some 10 percent (12.2 million) are clinically, completely and unusably lame. The remaining 80 percent (97.6 million) of these equines are some-what lame… and could not pass a soundness evaluation or test. 

- (Walt Taylor, founder of the AFA: American Farrier’s Journal, November/2000 v 26, #6, p. 5
​An open mind and willingness to learn is the key to success in trimming. Never stop learning as the journey itself can sometimes be the best teacher.

​"He who thinks he knows everything, usually has the most to learn."
  -Author Unknown